The Event 2018  

Marketing on the Road

From the laberynth of the first edition to the village of the second. Milano Marketing Festival is on the road to increase and deepen its first role as a multicultural and multisensory event, dedicated to art, always more multitasking than marketing and communication. But who is the truly first, maybe only, marketing's client? Is the public, every now and then consumer, actor, user and spectator. Therefore the Milano Marketing Festival village presents as a great spectacle in which people, goods, ideas, visions and objects are guest for to act and interact, bouncing between evolutive ideas and disruptive solutions.

Architect Italo Rota,
set up and display creator for the Museo del Novecento in Milan
and artistic director of the Milano Marketing Festival

12 facts about MMF

Milano Marketing Festival will take part at the MegaWatt Court in via Watt 15, Navigli zone. A post industrial space that has recently served as location for tv and music videos featuring Roberto Bolle, internationally recognised ballet dancer and Jovanotti, famous Italian pop singer and performer.

Morning workshops and conferences, from 9am until 1pm. A one hour lunch break and then afternoon sessions until 6pm when the marketing village will transform into a music lounge with Dj set.

Last year was "marketing is art", chosen tittle to highlight the cultural and artistic quality that communication can achieve on it's best forms. In 2018 the title is "marketing on the road", underlining the continuous research of solutions in tune with fluctuations in taste, semantic slips and the structural shocks triggered by the digital revolution. With an even brighter sub-header: is the evolutive dead? Viva la disruption? Because continuous dialogue between innovation and tradition will be the heart of the three working days.

The American Richard H. Thaler, 72 years old, nobel prize for his extensive studies in behavioral economics. Conferences and seminars. (Thursday 22nd March)

All the trending topics will be approached by experts, creatives and scholars within the field, researchers and key company figures. It will be possible to propose them questions intertwining a fruitful dialogue.

For the 2018 edition the architect Italo Rota, the event art director, has conceived a communication village, where spaces and routes are connected, just as it happens with ideas and the flow of information. Many spaces have been assigned for workshops and seminars, while a big agorà of 500 sits will host the opening ceremony and plenary moments. Attendees to workshops, but also event visitors, will be able to move freely in an environment filled with lights, sounds, videos, product exhibitions and entertainment.

Placed at the center of the marketing village, it will be a spectacular meeting point where visitors have the opportunity to capture, from a unique angle, the vibrant atmosphere.

ClassCNBC cameras will give life to a special news area, where it will take place the program Marketing Media and Money host by Andrea Cabrini and Silvia Sgaravatti.

At the news area students will have the possibility to film a professional 180 seconds video profile. Illustrating their communication ideas and suggestions for the brands and partners of the Milano Marketing Festival.

During the time of life and activity of the marketing village, it will be possible to have tasty breaks at the many food stands.

The life at the village does not end with he last workshop of the day but it continues in fact with entertainment and happy hour. The MegaWatt space will transform into an original lounge where the ideas and experiences of the day are able to find new formulas in a more relax and entertaining way.